Learning Objectives


By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the core characteristics of FASD
    • Identify the prevalence of FASD
    • List some impacts of FASD, and identify how to prevent FASD

  2. Understand key considerations when dealing with someone with FASD and their caregivers
    • Consider the impacts of FASD on the person and their caregivers
    • Consider that each person with an FASD diagnosis is unique
    • Consider that it is not only the brain but also the body and behaviours that are impacted
    • Understand FASD is lifelong and services can be helpful
    • Chronological age may not equate to developmental age.

  3. Know why and where to seek support
    • Consider the need for lifelong support
    • Identify the need for individually tailored support
    • Develop an understanding that with supports there can be success
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