Digital Story - A Caregiver's Journey (Video)

Caring for a person with an NDD is a challenging and rewarding experience. A peer support network can make this journey easier. The following video highlights the importance of finding Angela’s support in Danielle’s journey and finding her sense of belonging.

These reflection questions do not require you to provide an answer. They are intended for personal reflection and are to be used to enhance your knowledge and understanding of peer support.

  1. What part of Danielle’s story resonated with you the most?

  2. Have you had a peer mentor who has had a helpful impact on you? If so, what was helpful?

  3. What traits are important in being a helpful peer mentor?

  4. What are skills or ways of being that would help in providing meaningful support for others?
Last modified: Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 9:01 PM