Defining Cerebral Palsy and Identifying Supports (Video)


This 7 minute video provides information required to meet the learning objectives outlined at the beginning of this module. This information is also required for you to complete the quiz.

These reflection questions do not require you to provide an answer. They are intended to improve and reinforce your understanding of the concepts discussed in the cerebral palsy information video.

  1. After watching the two videos, we hope that you understand that someone with cerebral palsy can have a full and meaningful life.

  2. After learning more about how cerebral palsy can affect people in so many different ways, how has your perception of the condition changed?

  3. If you received a call from a family with a child with cerebral palsy, how would the  Gross Motor Function Classification System(GMFCS) level change your approach to the resources you would provide?

  4. With a condition as diverse as cerebral palsy, what suggestions would you give to a parent who wants to involve their child in community activities?

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