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Autism Canada- Home - Autism Canada

Autism Edmonton- Autism Edmonton

Autism Calgary- Autism Calgary

Autism Research Centre- Autism Research Centre (

Autism Speaks Canada- Home - Autism Speaks Canada

Autism Speaks US- Home | Autism Speaks

Developmental Disabilities Primary Care Resources- Developmental Disabilities Primary Care Program (DDPCP) (

Jooay App (connecting children and youth with disabilities to leisure)- – Connecting children and youth with disabilities to leisure

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health - Autism | NCCIH (

Social Stories-

Social Thinking- Socialthinking - Social Thinking

Social Emotional Skills- Jill Kuzma's SLP Social & Emotional Skill Sharing Site | Ideas for Educators Supporting Social/Emotional Language Skills (

Surrey Place Centre Autism HealthWatch Table(PDF)-

Understanding the Spectrum by Rebecca Burgess- Understanding the Spectrum - a comic strip explanation | The Art of Autism (


Animated Explanation of Autism-

Autism: See the Potential – Michael McCreary-

The Truth About My Son-

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