Toolkit Introduction

This toolkit was developed as part of a project sponsored by Kids Brain Health Network, entitled “KBHN- Navigation Alberta”.  The goal of the project was to improve the experience of families seeking services for their children with neurodevelopmental differences (NDDs), including children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, as well as other conditions.  The development of the toolkit reflected Interviews with parents in which they said that it would be helpful if those supporting them and their child had more understanding about the child’s condition and the challenges families face when seeking services.  They also wanted these support workers, including navigators, to be aware of strategies to address these challenges.  This toolkit has been designed to address these issues.  It consists of 6 modules: 3 providing basic information about Autism, Cerebral Palsy and FASD, and 3 cross-disability modules.  The cross-disability modules address key areas of challenge, specifically: NDDs and Mental Health, Pathways to Support, and Transitions.

This project was led by a Steering Committee of community-based partners, service providers and families, and could not have been done without their generous support and collaboration, including hundreds of hours of in-kind contribution.  The participation organizations include:  Autism Edmonton, Edmonton Fetal Alcohol Network, Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta, CASA Child. Adolescent and Family Mental Health, Alberta Health Services (Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Children’s Mental Health), Government of Alberta Disability Services, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, University of Alberta and University of Calgary.

The project was supported by generous contributions and grants from Kids Brain Health Network, Azrieli Foundation, Sinneave Family Foundation, Alberta Health Services, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and Glenrose Foundation. 

We would like to thank our partners, contributors and other collaborators including families (too numerous to list) for their generosity and hard work to make this project and the toolkit possible.

Sandy Litman
Project co-lead
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

David Nicholas
Project co-lead
Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

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