How to Use These Modules


woman in parkPowerful Tools for Family Caregiversis an Alberta Caregiver College® course designed for non-paid caregivers of adults or children. The course focuses on the needs of family caregivers (spouses, adult childrenand other non-paid caregivers) of persons from all disability groups,including physical disabilities, mental health issues, disability associated with aging, and chronic diseases.

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (GRH), Alberta Health Services developed this on-line course consisting of four “core” modules, and six “optional” modules through funding support by

  • Alberta Human Services, Provincial Disability Supports Initiatives Branch (2009)
  • Alberta Ministry of Health, Health Workforce Action Plan (HWAP) (2012-2014)
  • Alberta Health Services - Destination Home Initiative (2012-2013)

As a result of participating in this course, the goal is for family caregivers to become more confident in their knowledge and skill in the care of their loved ones. This results in benefits to families, including

  • earlier intervention for Caregiver and their loved ones
  • less pressure on other individuals in the family
  • a network of support that can be called upon in times of stressand uncertainty
  • healthier family life
Core Modules
This course will help you explore your current situation and role as a family caregiver. It is divided into four core modules that apply to every caregiver and six optional modules.

Girl with fatherThe core modules provide information and activities on various aspects of caregiving in order to increase your knowledge and understanding of your own situation,provide ideas on how you might improve or enhance your interactions with your family member, and identify areas where additional information or support is required. They are

  1. The Caregiving Journey
  2. Perspectives on Health and Disability
  3. Coping Strategies and Stress
  4. Resources and Support
Optional Modules

Woman with fatherThe optional modules are designed to help you understand and deal with unique challenges that you may be facing, depending on your life situation or the particular illness or disabling condition of your loved one.You may choose to review all or only some of them, depending on the types of challenges faced by the loved one you support. They are

  1. Dealing with Communication Challenges
  2. Dealing with Emotional Issues
  3. Dealing with Depression
  4. Dealing with Cognitive Difficulties
  5. Intimacy and Sexuality
  6. Physical Activity and Chronic Disability
Sequence of Modules

Read each of the core modules in the listed order.Watch the videos and complete any activities that are included. Take time to reflect on the information and ideas. If you can, discuss them with others. Make plans for how you will incorporate what you learn into your life as a caregiver. You may choose to read the optional units after completing the core modules. If your need for solutions to specific challenges is immediate, you may choose to link directly to an optional module from the related introductory material in Module 2.

Read the material at your own pace. You are encouraged to review material that you read earlier. You may notice things on review that you missed before.

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